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Volunteer with Clean and Handy

At C&H, part of our vision is to be of contributory assistance to the every day living in the community. We want to help and assist with general social and well-being activity. If you feel the same way about your community and would like to give a little something back in terms of your time, let us know. Here are just a few things you could volunteer to do that will be a free benefit to our regular customers:

• Peer Gardeners – Give a help in hand and work with someone on their allotment growing vegetables etc.

• Peer Travellers – Travel with someone to/from their hospital appointments.

• Peer Readers – Take someone to their local library to choose and exchange books.

• Peer Activity Walkers – Accompany someone on a local walk to stretch their legs and/or whilst they walk their dog.

• Peer Activity Clubbers – Attend a day time club with someone, once or twice a week.

• Paper Round – Would you like to help someone house bound receive their newspaper every morning?

• Befriending - Visit someone, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and just be their friend.

We would welcome your time for 30 minutes or 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours a week, or day if your time permits, whatever you can contribute.

Please note that all our volunteers must and will be Disclosure and Barring Service checked.

Interested? Contact us now and find out how you can apply to be a registered volunteer with Clean and Handy Services.

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